Tuesday, 18 July 2017

frilly fan

Pattern is n.39 in "A Tatter's Workbook", author unknown. I've added another round, just rings and chains.

Thank you for your nice comments, of course Martha ( Martha's Tatting Blog ) guessed right! 😍

And - as promised - this is the backside of the tag for the hand dyed thread: by Tatskool. This is a gift from Fox, I had saved it for something special. Thank you dear Fox!

I've started another edging, this time pattern is from Priscilla #2, fig.13. I've changed it a little and will show you next week.
I've tatted during the way to and back Genova, where I went last weekend with my family for a short holiday. I met my dear friend Maria who lives there, she spoiled me with gifts: many spools of metallic thread and some 5gr. little and old white DMC n.70 balls (no more in production, now white n.70 is only sold as 20gr balls) and then she also gave me an absolutely lovely silver 925 pendant, handicraft from Campoligure. I've already got another old one, and you can see both in next picture, the old one is in the foreground:

Genova is a beautiful city, it is well worth a visit for more than one weekend, even it is a bit far from the usual trip proposed to tourists (you know, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples...). We've had three nice days with Maria and her husband and enjoyed every minute. In the next short video (3 seconds!) there's the fountain in Piazza de Ferrari:(video deleted, it doesn't work)

Piazza de Ferrari
via XX Settembre
Christopher Columbus House

tatting? LOL
In Palazzo Bianco there's a room with old lace (but no tatting), there were also needle lace pieces (Alencon) that called to my mind the tatting examples on the tulle that are in the booklet "Tatting" by Th. de Dillmont:

I'd have liked buying a catalogue of an exhibition held in 2006, "Gioielli di filo", but unfortunately it seems very hard to find. ( )

Genova is about 5 hours by train from Rome. But we were unlucky in the way back home, there was a big fire just an hour north Rome and the train stopped for hours (we started from Genova at midday), then at 6pm they moved hundreds of passengers in another train and left everybody in a small seaside town, then finally everything solved at 11pm and we could go to Rome, arriving at 1am and a couple of hours later we managed to be at home. Crazy night. Talking about fires, this is the worst summer I can remember. I'm really disheartened for they suspect arson as the probable cause, for almost all of them. Sigh.

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


That edging's pattern is from an old book, I've got it for a short time and I've already tatted something else from it. They write that patterns are from 1920s.

I've the perfect thread for this one, I love it, smooth and delicate. Hand dyed, it's a gift from the Colours' Fairy Fox, there's a tag but I'm going to explain the reason for the title in this post...

Just to have fun, can you guess the book, the pattern and the thread?

A clue: nobody can say who the not named author of the book is!

I hope next week I can show the finished edging and I'll show you what it is written on the back of the tag...

P.S. I put a picture of the dress I sewed, in this post: international drop addiction

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

re-discovering old Chiacchierino

In next picture there's an edging called "Victorian trefoil edging" from the book "Tatting patterns" by Mary Konior.
She wrote that this design is not original, it appeared in "Weldon's Practical Tatting" in 1889 and it's been pretty popular since then and used for underwear. I've adapted it to follow the neckline and to go down and up to have that rectangular shape in the centre. I think I should tat the back of the neck too, but I couldn't wait! So now I'm wearing it as it is 😄
The book is from 1989, a second-hand found in eBay, thanks to Grace that had advised about it in Craftree. A surprise was finding a sweet handwritten mail inside, from "Anne" to "dearest Helen", very personal and touching.
Grace blogs here: Grace Tats

That absolutely helped to recover from the "drop" addiction. I've got a line of covered buttons but I'm not quite happy with them. Now it's a bracelet, but I'm still thinking to disassemble it.

About the edging, I remembered a very similar pattern in an old Italian publication, I've only photocopies of it, not the real magazine. I already blogged about one motif (you can find it here: old and curled). I thought it was by Mani di Fata, but I was wrong, lately I found that it is "Il Chiacchierino, Vol 1", by "Ancora(Anchor) CCC Filati da Ricamo", 1973 (I'm not sure about the date, though). Not so old, then.

So I googled "chiacchierino mani di fata" and fast I found something but very few infos. Next are the best pictures and infos that I've found online, about Edition Mani di Fata issues 1, 2 and 3:
Il Lavoro Chiacchierino (Frivolité), I Album, (1930s ?)
Il Lavoro Chiacchierino (Frivolité), II Album, (1940s ?)
Il Lavoro Chiacchierino (Frivolité), III Album, (1950s ?)
Prior to these, in Italian Language, there are: the book from 1868 already mentioned here in my blog (link is in the sidebar, free in Google books), the Italian translation of the Encyclopedia by T. de Dillmont (1890s, I've got the anastatic facsimile reprint by Idealibri&DMC, 1989) and the translation of the booklet Tatting by de Dillmont  with the title "Biblioteca DMC - Il chiacchierino", same cover (appeared in 1930?). I can't find anything else in Italian, between second half 1800s and 1930. Please tell me if any of you can help me with better infos.

I've bought books published by Mani di Fata, from n.6 (1991) to the last n.19 (2016).

I'm waiting the "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Gun Blomqvist, I've bought it at a low price, maybe they are sending the cover page only, I can tell you in ten days I hope. Currently I'm tatting another edging, old pattern again, I'll tell you next week.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

had nice days

I spent last week tatting more cabochons, they're such fun, I tried some different options and rummaged through my buttons' stash, but did you know that almost all of them are those which have that ring behind? So, what do you think, is the back of the earrings acceptable? Beg your pardon, I need time to tat something else that can "use" that ring...

I like having all beads already loaded in the shuttle. I've made another very short video, about the way I put beads in picots, they need to be a little loose because those picots are going to be used as joining picot. Please, I love reading your comments.This is the link:

On Sunday I went with friends, to the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, which is in Rome (EUR). It was the "International Lace Day 2017" (there's a group in facebook with the same name plus the word ITALIA, you can go there to find some pictures) and I enjoy meeting others who loves lace. There's a lace exhibition too, until the 9th of July it will be open.

Old bobbin laces were in a glass showcase, those are just bits of the enormous collection (thousands of pieces) owned by the museum, unfortunately not always visible to visitors and they not always let you take pictures, they let us do it just because of the international lace event.


I was prepared to meet only bobbin lacers but as soon as I entered in a big room, a nice smiling girl looked at me, I was wearing a blue top with tatting sewed on, and she introduced herself as a Canadian tatter! The surprise was not only just for me, in fact she was there as a tourist, not even knowing about the event. What a lovely happy coincidence! Thank you for your kindness, Stephanie!

During the meeting, in the morning, there was the inauguration of the beautiful exhibition, with amazing bobbin lace designed by Keyko Fukumoto, you may want to watch her video here in Youtube:

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

naughty sewing thread!

Again about cabochons and a new video of mine.

Earrings with buttons (backside tatting is equal to front, Russian method - as far as I know). There are Usha's dot picots in chains, hardly visible in that picture, it's a pity, they are pretty and delicate. She made a video to show how to tat dot picots: Dot Picot in Tatting by Usha Shah
Thread is HWT, one thread is Finca light gold (Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas), double strand, 35% polyester and 65% Viscose, the second one is an anonymous metallic sewing thread.

About HWT, please read this post by Jane Eborall:
Tatting and not a lot else!: HWT
I made a video to show how I'm winding the shuttle HWT, one of which is a very hard to manage metallic sewing thread. I've some spools of various brands, all of them unroll very easy and I soon look like a cat tangled in its yarn ball. You won't see me tangled in the video, in fact I'm sharing my way to fill the shuttle without having a headache.

In next picture there are cabochons made with my method that is tatting two rounds of rings and chains around the stone, but is seems that it doesn't work! I made 19 rings and it was very loose, so well I didn't worry and I changed it for another stone, then I made 18 rings and it was still loose, the last is 17 rings and it is loose again! Ah! this naughty HWT has got elastic properties! I bet it will work with 16 rings... no, I'd better don't bet.

In the two on the notebook, rings are 4-4-4, chains are 4-4. I think I must change the stitches' count. The stones are 3cm wide and 4cm high and they are thick.

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Thank you very much for all your nice comments.